About Us

Who We Are
For almost a century, BCT Ltd has been servicing industry with technical solutions, products and services. Founded in 1917, we have consistently achieved increased production coupled with reduced costs for our customers through precise understanding and analysis of production problems.
Through our extensive network of worldwide suppliers, all market leaders in their respective fields, we are able to assist with solutions to the most complex of production problems.



  • Technical Competence
  • Service
  • Delivery

Working predominantly within the steel industry, we have developed an insight into production methods in the following sectors

  • Section Mills, Roll Technology
  • Sheet / coil polishing, grinding, handling
  • Tube production, forming
  • Consumables for all of the above.

We have an array of sources and (facilities) available to assist with the supply of the simplest consumable to the largest turnkey project.
As much as we want to source the perfect solution for our customers, we also want to do it in the correct way. This thinking has always been an integral part of our company philosophy and to this end we ensure that we select only suppliers who maintain similar values, this is not something we simply think about, it’s an ethic we constantly strive to live by.